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Areas of Practice


agreed divorces

Not all divorces need be contested. Many couples today are realizing there is a better way to part ways. Rather than both parties spending thousands of dollars for attorneys, waiting months for a judge to hear the case, and coming away with a Decree neither party is happy with and a destroyed relationship, it often makes more sense to craft an agreed Decree. This can be done in a amiable and efficient manner for an affordable flat rate. In an agreed divorce both parties meet with a knowledgeable family law attorney to discuss and problem solve the division of the marital property, develop a child custody arrangement, and calculate child support. Once all issues are resolved, the attorney prepares and files all the necessary court pleadings. In an agreed divorce the parties control the timeline, are rarely required to appear in court, and the divorce can usually be finalized in as little as a month if parties desire an expedited divorce. Parties save valuable money and time by choosing an agreed divorce.

estate planning

Estate planning is an area many people wish to ignore. However, there is comfort knowing that you have a solid estate plan and that your estate will be passed on per your desires should something unexpected happen. A basic estate plan offers that comfort through a comprehensive estate plan which for a flat rate includes a living will, durable power of attorney, and last will and testament. Contact us today to create your estate plan and rest easy knowing everything is in order.

family law mediation

Almost every family law case in Idaho is required to attempt mediation before a judge will hear the case. Whether a case has been formally filed with a court or not, mediation is a great option for a variety of family law matters including divorces, child custody, child support modifications and guardianship matters. During mediation through the Idaho Mediation Center, parties meet with a Idaho Supreme Court Certified mediator who will listen to all relevant aspects of the case and help parties facilitate a sustainable resolution. Mediation is a great solution for sensitive issues such as family law matters. Through mediation parties are able to craft resolutions that are custom tailored to their individual circumstances and lifestyles. Mediation is an affordable and efficient way of resolving cases,bypassing the backlogged family law courts, and creating a customized final order.

civil mediation

Doing business involves many different various relationships. Sometimes there are wrong doings or misunderstandings in business dealings. Sometimes these are impossible for the parties to work through on there own, yet it is in their best interest to either continue the relationship, or both go their separate ways quietly. Mediation is a excellent way for business partners to work through their differences and be able to preserve their working relationship going forward, or negotiate their exit strategy without involving the publicity of the courts. Idaho Mediation Center offers parties the ability to mediate their differences with a qualified, experienced, and neutral mediator who will guide the parties through the mediation process and draft a mediated agreement.